Daisy – nineteen/twenty months

You cut the bottom two canine teeth.
Your sleep suffered a little in the lead up to Daylight Savings (and so did ours).
5:15am is NOT a good time to start the day. Just sayin’.
You have been doing a lot of “motorbiking” (i.e. your funny wriggle on the floor with Duckie) during the day.
But you still get frightened when you hear passing motorbikes.
New words: turtle, byebye, look, car, booky, pull, teddy, cool, girl, door, chair, “good girl”, eat, ear, nose, farty, hole, cuddle, water, towel, hand, wee.
You say “yep” a lot which is pretty cute.
You like to feed your dolls and duckie and give them drinks of milk from your cup. And brush their teeth.
You like to eat: sultanas, Cheerios, ravioli, yoghurt squeezies, jam on toast!
You have started to show a lot of empathy when Daddy has hurt himself, even if it’s just a cut on his finger.
Instead of your usual “yep”, you now say “yes” except you have a slight lisp so it sounds like “yeth” (very cute).
You love swimming (still).
We took you in the big pool at Waves, and you had so much fun… you actually got a bit mad that you couldn’t just swim around on your own!
We commonly have arguments about teethbrushing. You want to use other people’s toothbrushes, and you want to eat toothpaste. I don’t want you to do those things.
But when we took you to the dentist for the first time, you were interested and well-behaved and let the lovely dentist brush your teeth.
Sometimes you grab a shopping bag and farewell us while walking out the door… off to do the shopping I suppose!
You seem to recognise your written name (or at least, what written letters are): we were looking at some artworks you had created at kindy and you pointed to your name and said “Daisy”.
You read a book to Mummy for the first time – it was “Where is the Green Sheep?” and you made noises and actions for the different sheep as you turned the pages.
Toilet training has sort of started…
Well, you are interested. And you sat on the toilet a couple of times. But then we bought you a toilet training seat and you are scared of it! So we’ll leave that alone for a while.




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3 responses to “Daisy – nineteen/twenty months

  1. Lindsey! Daisy is a ridiculously beautiful little girl. I love your posts, and I love her. Honestly, she is just divine. I want to see you guys soon. :)

    • Aww thanks Em! She is a fun little girl and I feel quite glad I get to have her by my side, for a few more years at least! :)
      Would love to see you guys too. Are you busy in January?

  2. Was great to meet Daisy today – she’s gorgeous!
    You are right about many things LC…
    5:15am is a horrible time to start the day… EVERYDAY!
    Squeezies are addictive, and;
    Where Is The Green Sheep rocks – my boy loves near sheep and far sheep, especially when you move the book back and forth in front of his face.
    Drop me an email and keep in touch!

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